Wedding Bouquet Preservation Tips

 In Floral Preservation

Your wedding bouquet is a precious memento of a special day. Having it properly preserved is a step you will be glad you took. For the process to go smoothly though, there are certain things you should keep in mind. Flowers need extra special care throughout the wedding bouquet preservation process. The following five tips are things you can do to ensure a smooth transition from fresh to preserved.

  1. Limited heat. While outdoor nuptials create a stunning event, if you want to preserve your flowers, protect them from the elements. Taking the bouquets inside as soon as possible can greatly extend their usefulness.
  2. Prepare ahead of time. Bring along an extra vase to properly store your bouquet during the reception. One way to make this a seamless transition is to have your bridal table set with an empty vase. Your flowers will stay hydrated and provide a beautiful focal point
  3. Be gentle. Flowers are delicate, try to keep your fingers off the petals. Also, misting your bouquet, popping it in the freezer or covering it with plastic wrap are all misguided tips to help the preservation process. Floral preservation is both an art and a science. Check the how it works page of the website for more information on the preservation process.
  4. Keep it cool. Setting your flowers in a cool refrigerator is a good practice if you follow certain guidelines. It is very important the temperature is not too cold and that the flowers do not touch the door, top, or sides of the refrigerator. An air-conditioned room or cool basement is another option until you can transport them to be preserved.
  5. Inform your florist. If your florist is made aware of your intentions to preserve, they can prepare your bouquet accordingly. This could mean using fresher flowers or making suggestions while still in the planning stages. Certain flowers hold up to the floral preservation process better than others.

Have any questions? Concerned about getting your bouquet to us safely? Feel free to contact our team, we are happy to guide you through the wedding bouquet preservation process.

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