Tips for Creating Your Perfect Floral Memory

 In Floral Preservation

Many events, including weddings, funerals, graduation, and engagements, are often accompanied by flowers. Sadly, the flowers from these special events often get thrown out. Preserving these flowers, as well as other items that remind you of the person or the event, is possible. The first step is picking how you want to customize your floral creation. There are several things to consider when creating a beautiful floral memory to commemorate an important person or event.


There is no one perfect size for displaying your flowers. When deciding on the size of your display, it is important to consider how much space you want to dedicate to it as well as how much space will be needed to accommodate the item or items you want to include in the display. For example, an 8″ heart might be the perfect size for one person’s floral display, but another person may need a large shadow box to adequately accommodate the items they need in their display.


At Floral Preservation & More, customizing is about picking colors that complement your flowers and other memory objects. Whether you are picking the background for your shadow box, the perfect frame for your display, or another item that will require you to pick a color, we can help you decide on the right color or colors for your needs.

Other Objects

If you are creating a small display, you may only want to include a few flowers in the display. For a larger display, other objects that remind you of the person or event can make the display more meaningful. For example, for a wedding display, this may include things such as a wedding invitation, a photo from the wedding, and other mementos from the event. A memorial to a loved one who has died may include a photo of the person as well as other objects that were important to the person. Your floral display can be customized to be as unique as the person or event you want to remember.

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