Memories to Keep: Floral Preservation Ideas

 In Floral Preservation

Your social life is busy! You might order flowers for every event, or only for very special ones. For the most important events in your life, floral preservation is a great way to honor those memories and keep them alive. Here are a few occasions where you might want to save your flowers for a treasured keepsake:

  • Wedding: This is probably the most obvious one, and it’s a time-honored tradition. Brides have been saving their bouquets for decades. You can pass on a flower from your bouquet to your daughter or granddaughter to use in her own ceremony, or you can keep your wedding blooms in a shadowbox or tabletop ornament to admire for years to come.
  • Dates and Anniversaries: Did your sweetheart give you a rose on your first date? We can preserve it so it lasts for years to come! You can even order a matching display with a flower from your first (or fiftieth!) anniversary, creating a lovely timeline of your relationship.
  • Memorial: It’s a more somber occasion, but preserving the flowers from a memorial is a wonderful way of remembering your lost loved one. You can use the preserved flowers to honor a parent or grandparent at a wedding, or we can create memory beads from them so you can keep them with you all the time. Another good option is preserving an entire memorial wreath in a shadowbox.
  • Religious Ceremony: These flowers represent a coming of age in a young person’s life. Whether it’s a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, First Communion, or Baptism, your little loved one will cherish the memory for many years.
  • Prom: Corsages and boutonnieres don’t have to last for just one night. You can frame them or put them in a shadowbox as a beautiful reminder of a truly magical dance.

Would you like to preserve flowers from an event? Let us know! Contact us today. We’re here to help you make your memories last.

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