Shadow Boxes


Shadow boxes offer a stylish look to your completed keepsake.  We offer a variety of sizes and colors for you to choose from.  Each shadow box is lined with a mat that will best compliment both your flowers and your home.  At Floral Preservation & More, we are able to add your choice of mementos to the box along with your freeze dried flowers to make each box completely unique!

Shadow Box 2
Shadow Box 3
Shadow Box 4
Shadow Box 5
Shadow Box 1
Shadow Box 7
Shadow Box 8
Shadow Box 9
Shadow Box 10



We offer many different framing options to turn your beautiful flowers into precious memories! Our framed keepsakes include oval, round, heart and rectangle frames. We have many sizes and colors for you to pick from.

Framed 1
Framed 2
Framed 3
Framed 11
Framed 10
Framed 9
Framed 8
Framed 7
Framed 6
Framed 5
Framed 4

Table Top


Table Top Keepsakes are a wonderful choice for any occasion! Choose just one flower to be placed in your keepsake, an entire wedding bouquet or a few special flowers along with a photo or prayer card from your loved ones’ memorial service. Domes come in both walnut and oak.

Table Top 3
Table Top 2
Table Top 4
Table Top 5
Table Top 6
Table Top 7
Table Top 8
Table Top 9
Table Top 10
Table Top 11
Table Top 12
Table Top 13
Table Top 14
Table Top 15
Table Top 16
Table Top 17
Table Top 18
Table Top 19
Table Top 20

Memory Bead Keepsakes


We take pride in spending many hours turning your flowers from your special occasion into something you can have with you at all times. Our memory bead keepsakes serve as a great memento for something such as a wedding, first communion, prom, anniversary, and many other various occasions worth celebrating in life! We offer custom keychains & rear view mirror charms with engraving options as well. We also create a large variety of jewelry such as pendants, bracelets and earrings. Even if your event happened months or years ago, fresh flowers are not necessary to create stunning keepsakes. Take a peak at our past projects.

Wearable Preserved Flowers
Jewelry 1
Jewelry 2
Jewelry 3
Jewelry 4
Jewelry 5
Jewelry 6
Jewelry 7
Jewelry 8
Jewelry 9
Jewelry 10
Keychains 1
Keychains 2
Keychains 3
Keychains 4
Keychains 5
Keychains 6

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