Floral Preservation For Your Rustic Wedding

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If you are planning a rustic wedding, then you are part of a growing trend which incorporates nature or the outdoors as a theme. The decor often includes greenery with wooden or natural stone accents. From quaint floral arrangement to over the top floral table runners, from milk or mason jar vases to wooden candle holders; rustic weddings have a myriad of ways for a bridal couple to display their style.

But have you thought about preserving the beautiful flowers along with the invitations or special touches created for your special day? Did you know that all this is easily accomplished in the same rustic style? We at Floral Preservation & More are in the business of making sure that the flowers and other meaningful pieces of your wedding are beautifully and meticulously preserved to match any style. We do this in a variety of customized ways including shadow boxes, framing, and even table top keepsakes.

All you need to do is bring us the flowers and other mementos from your wedding and we will work with you to design a memory that you will cherish.

Here are a few ideas and tips:

  • Choose your flowers first. It all starts there. Whether it’s the bridal bouquet, the tabletop flowers or a single rose, please follow the guidelines we recommend so that we can preserve your memory properly.
  • Your rustic wedding likely includes unique touches that you may want to add to your preserved floral keepsake. You may include your vases or invitations, one of the cowboy boots that lined the entrance of your reception, the simple river stones used for table assignments, your engraved champagne flutes, the wooden hearts that were hung on the bridal chairs; you name it, and we can add it to your floral preservation display.
  • To continue the rustic theme, our shadow boxes are made from reclaimed wood from old barns and homes. Background colors are chosen to fit your wedding color scheme as well. And should you choose a framed keepsake, there are many choices of framing to fit the rustic theme.

Contact our experienced team for a customized keepsake that will preserve memories of your wedding day for many years to come.

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