Dispelling Floral Preservation Myths

 In Floral Preservation

Flowers can really be given to anyone for any occasion. There are those special times where the memories of a special holiday, wedding day or celebration simply must be preserved for posterity.
Floral preservation gets an undeserved reputation as being “old-fashioned”, among other floral preservation myths.

Here are someĀ floral preservation myths and why they must be laid to rest.

It’s Too Expensive

Wanting a vast array or bouquet of flowers preserved can begin to get costly. Preserving single flowers for your display may be the best option if you happen to be on a budget. A single flower can be preserved for under $100. Think of it as quality over quantity.

I’ll Do It Myself

While your enthusiasm is awesome, without the specialized equipment and knowledge needed to preserve your flowers, you may end up with something that doesn’t do your memories any justice.
Air drying is not an adequate way to preserve flowers for long periods of time. While it sounds cut and dry (pun intended), floral preservation can actually be considered an art in itself. Leave it to the specialists!

It’s Old-Fashioned

Floral preservation brings memories of grandma’s house to some minds, and if that vintage look is what you’re looking for, it can definitely be done! However, the options open to you in designing a custom display are endless. Pick a vibrant background color for your display and add different mementos from your big day to keep your display looking fresh and modern. let your imagination go wild!

It’s Too Late

Are you wanting to preserve flowers that have already been sitting around for months, even years? It’s probably too late to preserve them whole. but there is another way to keep that special memory alive. Our custom jewelry options can turn your old, dried out flowers into beautiful floral mementos! Wear it, treasure it forever.

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